Telecoms Providers Must Account For Frequent Disruptions In Service – Minister


Technology Minister Fayval Williams says the country’s two major telecommunications providers should explain to authorities what’s causing frequent disruptions in service.

Customers of telecoms companies Flow and Digicel have been raising issues regarding frequent dropped calls and patchy internet service.

Minister Williams says the portfolio ministry has been getting frequent complaints.

Minister Williams says there are also discussions with the Office of Utilities Regulation, OUR, exploring the possibility of sanctions against the entities.

Fayval Williams, Technology Minister, speaking yesterday on Nationwide @ 5 with Cliff Hughes and Kemesha Kelly.

She says she expects a full report from the OUR in seven days.

One thought on “Telecoms Providers Must Account For Frequent Disruptions In Service – Minister

  1. Jenni Anderson

    This is not the only area of their operations that needs closer examination. When one calls the opposing network, you have to call at least two times to get through. The phone does not ring for the other party: the call is hijacked. I have had to call up to four times to get through. What is frightening is that you will be told that the line is not in service. My mother now has only a Flow landline. Until 2 months ago when I try to use my Digicel landline to call her, the call would not go through. Digicel simply refused to connect the call About 2 months ago that changed. I guess some ‘BIG’ person called about it Now they will connect after two or so trials MOST times. It makes me sick. Until someone dies as a result of this theft, nothing will happen. I defy both entities to deny successfully that this has been happenin. These two companies are diabolical in this regard. Unfortunately, I have it on both sides. In Digicel’s case, I have 200 anywhere minutes with landline. M


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