The Faces of Holness’ Shadow Cabinet

Opposition Leader, Andrew Holness, today announced a 19-member Shadow Cabinet, consisting of several new faces to the JLP’s team of Spokespersons and the recall of a number of party veterans.

The new comers to the shadow cabinet are Opposition Senators, Robert Montague, Kamina Johnson-Smith and Marlene Malahoo-Forte

Montague, who’s also JLP Chairman, has been appointed to speak on matters concerning Energy and Mining.

Duane Smith will be Mr. Montague’s Deputy.

Senator Johnson Smith has been assigned the Youth and Education shadow portfolio.

Communication advisor to Mr. Holness, Robert Morgan, is her Deputy.

Senator Malahoo-Forte has been appointed Opposition Spokesperson on Health.

Olympian, Juliet Cuthbert, is Mrs. Malahoo Forte’s deputy.

Recalled to the shadow cabinet are Mike Henry, Delroy Chuck and Rudyard Spencer.

Mr. Henry has been appointed Opposition Spokesman on Transport and Works.

Mr. Chuck has been returned as Opposition Spokesman on Justice and has oversight responsibilities for the Attorney General.

Attorney-at-law, Kent Gammon, will be his Deputy.

Rudyard Spencer has been give the Labour and Public Service shadow portfolio.

In addition to his duties as Opposition Leader, Mr. Holness has taken unto himself the Defence and Development portfolio.

Audley Shaw has been retained as Spokesman on Finance, with Fayval Williams as his Deputy.

Dr. Horace Chang will be assisted by Marlon Morgan regarding matters related to Water and Housing.

Ed Bartlett has also been retained as Opposition Spokesman on Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade.

So too Derrick Smith who’ll continue to be Opposition Spokesman on National Security.

Mr. Holness has also kept J.C. Hutchinson as Shadow Agriculture and Fisheries Minister and Desmond McKenzie as Opposition Spokesman on Local Government.

Shahine Robinson will remain as Opposition Spokesman on Tourism.

Mrs. Robinson’s Deputy is Delano Seiveright.

Mr. Holness has also kept Karl Samuda as Opposition Spokesman on Industry, Investment and Commerce.

And Dr. Andrew Wheatley as the JLP’s spokesman on Science, ICT and Digital Society.

G2K President, Floyd Green, is Dr. Wheatley’s Deputy.

JLP veteran, Pearnel Charles, has been appointed Opposition Spokesman on Social Security.

While Senator, Alexander Williams, has been asked to monitor the Land and Environment portfolio.

To complete the shadow cabinet, Olivia Babsy Grange is the Opposition Spokesman on Information, Sports, Entertainment and Culture.

Her deputy is Harold Malcolm.

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  1. Yakinie

    I strongly believe Hon. Andrew Holiness should hold the portfolio for Education and Babsy should get the portfolio for Youths which ties in with Culture. This is what I sew fit and strong for JLP. Babsy is an excellent leader and Andrew can manage the Education portfolio very good.

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