Threat of Blacklisting is Limiting Growth of Ganja Industry; Holness


Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the risk of being blacklisted by international banks has limited Jamaica’s ability to fully exploit economic opportunities in the growing ganja industry.

Mr. Holness made the point in response to a question today by a member of the audience at a Town Hall meeting in South Africa.

A member of the audience asked Prime Minister Holness why Jamaica isn’t exporting ganja and fully exploiting the multi-million dollar industry.

The Prime Minister responded.

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Mr. Holness says the current global order prevents open international trading of Ganja.

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Prime Minister Holness told the audience in Cape Town that Jamaica is making efforts to exploit the global cannabis industry.

But, he says the island cannot afford to offend international narcotics laws which international financial institutions pay close attention to.

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Prime Minister Andrew Holness, speaking recently at a Town Hall meeting in Cape Town, South Africa.