Three Farmers Perish in Salt Pond Cave

The Police have found the bodies of three farmers who were trapped in a cave since yesterday.

The bodies were discovered this afternoon. The farmers, all men, are from the hills of Salt Pond in St. Catherine. It’s suspected that they died from inhaling toxic fumes. The fumes were reportedly emitted from a water pump while they sheltered in the cave during the rain yesterday.

Police Inspector, Gregory Silvera, who was on the scene today spoke with Nationwide News.

According to the Police, the men who were farming on land miles away from the main road had taken advantage of a well in the cave.

They’d reportedly connected a water pump from the cave to their farms in order to water their crops. Inspector Silvera says the identities of the farmers are being withheld until family members are informed.

A fourth farmer who escaped from the Cave yesterday is currently receiving treatment at the Spanish Town hospital.