Three Leaders of ‘Ski Mask Gang’ Cut Down in Gunfight with Police

The leader of the notorious Ski Mask Gang and two other gangsters are dead.

The men were killed yesterday during a police operation in Trelawny. Nationwide News understands that two guns were seized after what’s being described as a gun battle.

Reports are that the police were on foot patrol in Friendship in the parish at about 5:10 pm when they came upon Adrian Walker otherwise called Lippy and two members of the Bunkers Hill gang. It’s understood Walker led the Ski Mask Gang of which remnants have forged an alliance with the Bunkers Hill gang in the parish.

Sources at the scene say Walker and his cronies, one of whom has been identified as Robert Miller aka Ghost or Tiler, also a member of the Ski Mask gang, fired at the police and a gun battle ensued. It’s said the men ran in different directions and were later found suffering from gunshot wounds.

They were reportedly taken to the Falmouth Hospital where they were pronounced dead. The Independent Commission of Investigations, INDECOM, is also investigating the incident.


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