Thugs Threaten Police in Crime Hot Spots


Criminals in the Western Kingston and St Catherine North Police Divisions have been issuing threats to members of the police force.

Commissioner of Police Dr. Carl Williams made the disclosure during an interview with Nationwide News this morning.

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The Police High Command is appealing to members of the Constabulary Force to take the necessary steps to protect themselves from criminals.

Commissioner Williams says intelligence is suggesting a heightened level of threat against members of the Force.

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Commissioner Williams says the police will not back down in the face of threats and aggression.

The Commissioner was speaking with Nationwide News today after the National Road Operating and Construction Company, NROCC handed over two motor vehicles to the JCF.

And, Commissioner Williams says the security forces are maintaining a strong presence in sections of Spanish Town, St Catherine and West Kingston which have been hot spots for criminal activities.

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At least six people have been shot in West Kingston, two fatally, since Sunday.

In the latest incident, the body of a vendor, Peter Nelson, otherwise called Iron Pipe, was found about 7:45 this morning in the Coronation Market in downtown, Kingston. He was shot.

A man was taken into custody in relation to his killing.

On Friday, gunmen opened fire on a group of persons participating in nomination day activities in West Kingston.