Thwaites Challenges Finance Minister on Social Spending Claims

Former Education Minister, Rev. Ronald Thwaites, says an increase in the school feeding programme was not contingent on the special consumption tax on petrol as suggested by Finance Minister, Dr. Nigel Clarke.

Dr. Clarke suggested on Nationwide News that increasing the number of days under the school feeding programme from three to five was part of the benefits garnered from the special consumption tax on petrol.

However, Rev. Thwaites says the increase had already been budgeted under his administration.

This was Finance Minister, Dr. Nigel Clarke, speaking on Nationwide News last Friday.

The Minister was responding to a call by the opposition to roll back the levy imposed on petrol.

However, speaking with Nationwide News this afternoon, Opposition Spokesman on Education, Ronald Thwaites, contends that his administration had already secured the funding for improving the school feeding programme.

Checks in our archives show that in January 2016, the then Minister Thwaites had announced the intention of rolling out the improvement later that year.

However, General Elections in February 2016 saw a change in administration.

Mr. Thwaites says he’s shocked that the Finance Minister would attempt to link the school feeding programme to the tax.


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