‘Time for Frank & Open Discussion within PNP’ – Dayton Campbell

The MP elect for North West St. Ann, the PNP’s Dr. Dayton Campbell says a frank and open discussion about last Thursday’s election day loss, is the first step in ensuring that the PNP does not remain in Opposition for a long time.

Dr. Campbell polled 8,449 votes to 8,084 for the JLP’s Othneil Lawrence to retain the marginal seat he first won in 2011.

Dayton Campbell won his seat last Thursday on a night when at least 12-marginal constituencies which were once held by the PNP, swung in favour of the Andrew Holness-led JLP.

Dr. Campbell says the loss is a clear setback for the PNP. He says the party must regroup and resume its position as a dominant political organization. But he says this process must begin with an honest assessment of what went wrong during its time in office.

Dr. Campbell says the party was found wanting in how it moved to communicate with the public about the implementation of its policies.

Like his party General Secretary, Paul Burke, Dr. Campbell believes the PNP failed to respond adequately to the JLP’s promise to remove the PAYE obligation for persons earning below $1.5-million per annum.


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