Time to Overhaul KSAC Motor Vehicle Licensing


Councillor for the Seiveright Gardens Division of the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation, KSAC, the JLP’s Delroy Williams is calling for a major overhaul of how revenues earned through the licensing of motor vehicles are disbursed by the municipality.

Councillor Williams, a first term Senator, made the call on Sunday at a meeting of the JLP’s Area Council One at the Kingston High School.

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Senator Williams says the restructuring of the revenue disbursement would allow each division in the KSAC to repair several stretches of roadway each year.

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Meanwhile Local Government Minister, Desmond Mckenzie, says the previous PNP administration has left several state agencies under his portfolio in disarray.

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Mr. McKenzie says a national campaign will soon be launched to clean up the country’s town centres.

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