Tourism Minister Moves to Clarify Global Reporting of State of Emergency

Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett has taken to the international press to clarify certain reports Public State of Emergency in the parish of St. James.

In a statement yesterday the Minister says several international news publications in the United States, Canada and especially the United Kingdom have reported that the parish and its capital city, Montego Bay, are on “lockdown.”

He says this is leading to confusion in some quarters.

In an article published in British newspaper The Independent, Minister Bartlett is quoted as saying that, these security measures are not out of the ordinary in international tourism markets.

The Minister says these would be understood by visitors and welcomed by residents.

He’s quoted as says members of the tourism fraternity have given their full support to the measure and are feeling that these actions are welcome.

Minister Bartlet says there’s no need to modify movements as restrictions in the stated areas should not adversely impact law-abiding persons.

The Independent also carried tweets from British tourists in Jamaica noting that they are comfortable and are going about their business normally.