‘Treat NHT as a Financial Institution!’ – PM Holness

Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, says the National Housing Trust, NHT, is not a housing agency, but a ‘financial institution’.

He made the assertion while addressing a ground-breaking ceremony for the Darliston and Masemure housing developments in Westmoreland on Friday.

It came a day after Finance Minister, Audley Shaw, announced that the government will be taking 11-point-4 billion dollars from the NHT for budgetary support for the 2017/2018 fiscal year.

It’s a move the current administration had heavily chastised the previous PNP government for starting in 2013.

Mr. Holness says steps will be taken to improve the structure of the NHT to be more akin to a financial institution.

Prime Minister Holness says the government is serious about using resources of the Trust to build houses.

Meanwhile, Mr. Holness says there’ll be no political interference with the NHT as it fulfills its mandate.

He made those comments in relation to the two housing projects in Westmoreland which were conceptualized by the previous PNP administration. They’re being implemented by the now governing JLP.