Trini Talkshow Host Labels Jamaicans ‘Nuisances, Pests & Criminals’

Disparaging comments by a Trinidadian talk show host during his radio programme yesterday are inflaming tensions between the twin island republic and Jamaica even further.

Barrington “Skippy” Thomas is the host of a call-in radio show on Trinidad’s Power 102 FM.

During an exchange with a Jamaican caller yesterday, he referred to Jamaicans as nuisances, pests, and criminal elements.

The tense relationship between Trinidad and Jamaica is a hot topic on the talk radio circuit in both countries.

Emotions erupted during a call from a Jamaican man living in Trinidad to a talk show in that country yesterday.

The man called to complain about the treatment of Jamaicans in Trinidad, saying Jamaicans were being unfairly blamed for crime in the twin island republic, when the host of the programme, Barrington “Skippy” Thomas cut him off.

Thomas then went on a rant, calling on Trinidadian immigration officers to bar Jamaican nuisances, pests and criminals from entering the country.

The comments are likely to inflame Jamaicans, many of whom have complained that Trinidadians don’t like them.

Jamaicans have also been complaining about the treatment meted out to Jamaican nationals denied entry to that country.

Thomas, who is a known political activist of the Opposition United National Congress, UNC, headed by Kamla Persad Bissessar, is not new to controversy.

He was fired as Executive Director in the Ministry of the People and Social Development in 2014, reportedly on the instructions of then-Prime Minister Persad Bissessar, for being – quote – untenable and disgusting.


One thought on “Trini Talkshow Host Labels Jamaicans ‘Nuisances, Pests & Criminals’

  1. Jorge Estemac

    I do not see any wrong in deporting foreigners who have engaged in criminal behaviour in a host country, as long as it is not a generalise trend, where the foreigner is picked out because of their nationality and not because of a criminal act, it should be based on individual’s behaviour and not because of their nationality.

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