Tufton & Campbell Clash in Parliament Over Cornwall Regional

Health Minister, Dr. Christopher Tufton, is rejecting a suggestion he overruled then Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Winston De La Haye, regarding the evacuation of the Cornwall Regional Hospital in February 2016.

Dr. Tufton says no such closure notice was given. The Health Minister was speaking in the House of Representatives yesterday.

Dr. Tufton again defended the government’s decision to keep the hospital open until earlier this month despite persistent concerns about air quality at the only type A facility in St James.

He argues that at least 4 lives per day were saved as a result of the decision to keep Cornwall Regional open.

However, Opposition Spokesman on Health, Dr. Dayton Campbell challenged the Health Minister’s assertions.

In response, Dr. Tufton said Dr. Campbell omitted critical information from his communication with the Chief Medical Officer.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Spokesman on Health, Dr. Dayton Campbell, challenged Dr. Tufton for suggesting the issues plaguing the Cornwall Regional Hospital predate his tenure.

The Opposition Spokesman on Health argued that’s no excuse.

Dr. Campbell also challenged Dr. Tufton’s claim that lives were saved by keeping the hospital open.