Tufton Pitches Sin Tax on Sodas


Health Minister, Dr. Christopher Tufton, says his Ministry is exploring the feasibility of a special consumption tax on sweetened beverages to fight the high rate of non-communicable diseases, NCDs, in the country.

He was speaking today a Post Sectoral Press Briefing at the Office of the Prime Minister.

Minister Tufton says NCDs pose the biggest threat to the health sector and the economy.

NCDs are diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, heart disease and obesity. He says the prevalence of NCD-related deaths in the country have increased steadily across the country in the last ten years.

The Health Minister says a tax on sweetened beverages can help fight NCDs.

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Dr. Tufton says a task force on food has already been established to explore how best to make the tax work.

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The Minister says he wants to discourage children from developing bad consumption habits to reduce spending on treating NCDs.

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He says the health sector is under stress from NCDS.

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  1. Carlton Stewart

    Mandatory Labeling Of GMOs is the answer Mr Minister. This will provide consumers with their right of choice, reduce obesity and many other illnesses we are experiencing, by providing consumers with the wherewithal to make choices.

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