Tufton & Williams Still Senators In Light of Court Ruling?

The Constitutional Court this morning ruled that Opposition Leader, Andrew Holness, acted unlawfully when he requested undated resignation letters and used them to controversially remove two senators.

The Court in its decision says there would be no consequential order in the case neither will it order Mr. Holness to pay the former Senator’s legal bills because he participated in the unlawful act.

A point of contention remains unclear.

Since the court said there is no consequential order in the ruling,  are Tufton and Williams still Senators?

Does the ruling mean that Holness must reinstate Williams?
Mr. Williams’ attorney, Wentworth Charles, says as far as he’s concerned an implication of the ruling is that Dr. Tufton and Mr. Williams are still members of the Senate.

Wentworth Charles, attorney for Arthur Williams.

Reacting to today’s ruling, Mr. Williams said he’s unsure whether he would want to re-take his place in the Senate.

Arthur Williams, former Opposition Senator speaking with Nationwide News.

For his part, former Opposition Senator, Dr. Christopher Tufton says he hasn’t taken a position on the ruling handed by the constitutional court this morning.

He says he’ll have to review the judgment before he decides the way forward.

Dr. Christopher Tufton, former Opposition Senator, speaking with Nationwide News.

Attorneys for JLP Leader, Andrew Holness, told our news center this morning that they’re reviewing the judgement before making comment.

3 thoughts on “Tufton & Williams Still Senators In Light of Court Ruling?

  1. Andrew Simpson Miller

    Holness should be ashamed of himself. This was a no case really. All it needed was common sense to see and understand that what Holness did was unconstitutional, illegal and downright vindictive.

  2. Andrew Simpson Miller

    Williams and Tufton should go back to the senate and then resign at their own choosing.

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