Tufton, Williams Welcomed Back in Parliament

Arthur Williams and Dr. Christopher Tufton walked back into Gordon House today as Senators, after a year and a half away from the Upper House.

Their return was welcomed by both sides.

This despite the deep divide within the Jamaica Labour Party resulting from the court case challenging their removal.

It was a cordial reunion as Arthur Williams and Christopher Tufton strode into Parliament alongside their opposition colleagues, and took their seats on the JLP’s side of the Senate.

Senate President Floyd Morris led the welcome.

Leader of Government Business, Mark Golding, and Leader of Opposition Business, Tom Tavares-Finson, also welcomed the Senators back into the Upper House.

Arthur Williams, whose successful court challenge resulted in his and Tufton’s triumphant return, was brief in his remarks.

Tufton, however, was contrite.

On the other side of the Senate, Mark Golding expressed relief that the Senate letters saga seemed to be over.

While back on the JLP side, Senator Tavares-Finson struck a lighter note.