Two Bodies Found in Dallas River


The Papine Police are investigating the deaths of two unidentified men who were found floating in the Dallas river.

Both men are believed to be in their mid-twenties.

One of the victims is of dark complexion, medium build and about 6 feet tall. He has a beard and vitiligo at the right side of his left eye. He was wearing a yellow T-shirt, dark shorts, and a pair of white and blue Adidas tennis shoes.

The other is of dark complexion, medium build and is also about 6 feet tall. He has a low cut hairstyle. He was wearing dark jeans and a pair of brown shoes.

Reports are that about 7:00 yesterday morning, citizens stumbled upon the bodies partially submerged in the water and called the Police.

On the arrival of the lawmen, the bodies were removed from the water and taken to the morgue.

Investigators are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying the victims and are urging anyone who may have information about this crime to contact the Papine Police at 876-927-2047, Police 119 emergency number or the nearest Police Station.


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