Two More Cops Hit with Corruption Charges

Two more members of the police force have been arrested for corruption.

Nationwide News understands the two Constables were in the company of a Corporal as they reportedly sought to fraudulently collect money from business operators in St. James, recently.

It’s understood that they told business operators they were collecting the monies, on behalf of the St. James Municipal Corporation.

The policemen were engaged in the illicit activity, while they were on patrol in the Barnett Street area of the parish.

A Nationwide News source says the policemen were intercepted by detectives from the Major Organised Crime and Anti-Corruption Agency, MOCA.

It’s understood the Corporal managed to escape on foot, leaving the two Constables behind.

They were taken into police custody.

Investigations Director at MOCA, Senior Superintendent Dean Taylor, told Nationwide News this afternoon, that he’d heard about the incident, but was awaiting an official report from the members of his team in St. James.

This incident follows two other controversial cases involving members of the Constabulary and the scrapping of motor vehicles belonging to civilians.

In one of those incidents, a Police Constable was arrested after he was found in Trelawny driving a woman’s car that was reported missing in East Kingston.

When the Constable was intercepted, the woman’s car was partially scrapped and 30-thousand dollars she left in the vehicle was also missing.

In the other incident, a woman’s car was scrapped, while it was in the custody of the police in Portmore, St Catherine.


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