Two Pistols Seized in Separate Incidents in Westmoreland and Trelawny


Police seized two guns and five rounds of ammunition in separate incidents on Wednesday and Thursday.

The first was in Spicy Hill in Duncans, Trelawny.

Duncans Police report that about 11:25 Wednesday night, officers were on patrol when they heard what they believed to be gunshots. 

They responded and on their arrival, reportedly saw a man standing beside a car. 

According to police, the man tried to remove a gun from his waistband and dispose of it, when he saw lawmen approaching.

Police say they retrieved the firearm, which turned out to be a Taurus 9 millimeter pistol. 

They arrested the man, but are withholding his identity pending further investigations.

Over in Negril, Westmoreland, police say they seized a Parabellum 9 millimeter pistol and five bullets yesterday. 

Negril Police report that a team was on an operation in the area when they were alerted to a dispute involving a gun at the transportation centre. 

On their arrival, they searched the area and found the firearm and ammunition under a nearby house. 

They’ve taken one man in custody, but are withholding his identity pending further investigations.

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