Two St Thomas Boys Drown


The bodies of two boys were retrieved from the sea near the Lyssons Beach in St. Thomas this morning.

The two boys are suspected to have drowned after being missing from 5 yesterday afternoon.

Head of the St. Thomas Police Division, Superintendent Beau Rigabie, says the two are 11 and 14 years old.

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Superintendent Rigabie says a search and rescue operation started last night.

He says the police doubled their efforts and went back out this morning to find the boys.

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And the body of a woman was found at Bournemouth Beach in Rockfort, East Kingston yesterday morning.

The body of the woman – 38-year old Tameka Henry – was seen by a passerby who summoned the Police.

The Police say on their arrival the body was seen floating in the sea.

The body was removed from the water and the scene processed.

The Police say, Henry is suspected to have drowned as no marks of violence was seen on her body.


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