Uchence Trial: Day 3

A 20-year-old woman begged alleged gang leader Uchence Wilson not to get her pregnant, while he and a crony were raping her at gun point during a robbery in Kellits, Clarendon.

That’s according to a former member of the Uchence Wilson gang, turned state witness. The witness is giving evidence to the Supreme Court via video link.

Wilson and 23 other alleged members of his gang are on trial for breaches of the anti-gang legislation in the Home Circuit court in downtown, Kingston.

During evidence yesterday, the Prosecution’s first witness, who’s a former accomplice of the gang, said a number of the alleged gang members had gone on an early morning robbery in Kellits.

The witness testified that accused gang member, Odeen Smith, otherwise called ‘Brinks’ piloted the gang to a house on the command of Wilson.

During that break-in, the witness said the homeowner was shot three times in the leg by Wilson for resisting to reveal where he hid his money.

The witness told the court that the homeowner tried to attack Wilson with a cutlass but was eventually shot in the belly. The witness said this prompted the homeowner to hand over thousands of dollars.

According to the witness while the gang was making their escape, Wilson fired ‘a barrage of shots’ into the air using an M-16 assault rifle to disperse a crowd that had gathered.

The witness also testified that the gang went to another community where accused gang member, Fitzroy Scott, saw a bus in a yard. He told the court that another accused gangster, Michael Lamont, otherwise called Judge, was sent to observe the bus.

The witness said while in the yard where the bus was parked, an occupant of the house shouted out to Larmont that he should leave the premises. The witness testified that Wilson and Lamont then entered the house but not before the male occupant escaped.

According to the witness, he was sent by Scott, who he described as being second in command, to check on the other alleged gang members.

The witness told the court that when he entered a room on the second floor of the house, he saw Wilson raping a motionless woman.

According to the witness, Wilson asked him if he ‘wanted a piece’ to which he responded ‘no’.

The witness said while he was observing the 20-year-old woman being raped, she only uttered to the rapist, “just don’t get me pregnant”.

According to the witness, Lamont also raped the woman. Presiding Judge, Chief Justice Brian Sykes, also heard that while the witness and Wilson were leaving the house they stole a laptop.

The alleged gangsters all reportedly escaped in a getaway vehicle driven by Devin Taylor.

Meanwhile, the former gangster turned state witness has so far detailed six separate robberies during his evidence in chief in the Supreme Court.

During their escape on foot from the third robbery, the witness told the court that Wilson’s girlfriend, Shantol Gordon, was called to collect their guns. Gordon is also on trial.

The witness said she arrived with her baby and another alleged member of the Uchence gang called B-13. She allegedly hid the guns in her baby’s bag.

According to the witness, their fourth robbery was of a taxi operator. The witness gave evidence that during every robbery they’d bring a change of clothing to escape suspicion. The witness is expected to continue giving his evidence today at 10 am.


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