Uchence Trial: Witness Outlines Criminal Division of Labour

A former accomplice of the Uchence Wilson gang identified Wilson as the gang’s leader during his evidence in chief in the Supreme Court.

The witness has also revealed the roles and responsibilities of several of the alleged gangsters who’re now on trial. Over the last five trial days, the state witness has been giving his evidence from the safety of an unknown location via video link. The alleged gangsters are before Chief Justice Bryan Sykes for breaches of the anti-gang legislation.

The cooperating witness told the court that Wilson was the leader because he’s the one who gave strict instructions. Wilson would reportedly choose the victims of robberies, the day the deed would be done, determine how many guns were needed and assign each firearm to his alleged cronies. Fitzroy Scott was previously identified as his second in command. The witness described Scott as the ‘spotter’ and the profiler.

As a spotter, Scott would do reconnaissance to determine whether the group would rob a particular place or person. During profiling, Scott would stake out a mark sometimes for days to decide on the perfect time to carry out the robbery. Scott has been taking extensive notes on the proceedings since the trial started. The only alleged member to do so.

Accused gangster Dane Edwards was allegedly a shooter. According to the state’s witness Edwards would often be given strict instructions by Wilson to shoot people. Those who weren’t shot were reportedly held up with guns. This was allegedly the responsibility of another accused member, Michael Lamont.

Accused members Machel Goulbourne and Kenneth Wynter share similar duties. They allegedly act as drivers or help cut up stolen cars. Devin Taylor was pointed out as the driver for the gangsters. Taylor would allegedly drive the get-away vehicle, often a Toyota Yaris. If a vehicle was stolen then the duty to drive the stolen vehicle allegedly fell to Kerron Walters.

Walters was also reportedly responsible for cutting up the stolen vehicles in an area described as the “cut up bush.” Cornell White reportedly sells the stolen parts after the group removes them from vehicles.

White also allegedly had the responsibility of selling oil and other stolen goods. The witness says in his role he would often take stolen items to a particular pawn shop in the corporate area. Donovan Bailey allegedly takes orders for certain items that the group would fulfil through their robberies.

Meanwhile, the state witness says the guns — mainly Glock pistols and Berettas — would be locked away following each robbery. Sheldon Christian is reportedly responsible for the safekeeping of the weapons. Christian also reportedly helps to transport and sell stolen vehicle parts, TVs and cellphones.

Similarly, Wilson’s girlfriend Shantal Gordon allegedly sold stolen items and hid the gang’s guns. She also on one occasion reportedly picked up a number of guns following a robbery.

On this particular robbery, the accused allegedly hid the guns in her baby’s diaper bag. According to the witness, money and other items that were stolen from strangers and family members were shared among the group.

According to the witness some robberies arose out of immediate wants. For example, the witness detailed the robbery of a clothing container because their alleged leader, Uchence Wilson, wanted clothes to attend a party.

Cashing out their other stolen valuables was mostly done through a specific pawn shop in the corporate area or sold to civilians. Wilson’s girlfriend, Shantal was allegedly selling stolen clothes from the trunk of a Nissan Tiida. The trial is expected to resume Tuesday at 2 pm.


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