Uchence Wilson Trial: Gang Members Led Police to Cronies


More evidence from a Prosecution witness in the Uchence Wilson gang trial has revealed that more members of the group led the Police to find their other cronies during several months of operations.

In testimony yesterday in the Home Circuit court, a Police witness told the court the gang’s reputed leader, Uchence Wilson, led the Police to the location of an accused member.

Wilson himself was first accosted on August 9, 2017 after an accused accomplice led the Police to him.

The witness says he and a team of policemen were led to Wilson’s home in the Maryland district by accused member, Stephenson Bennett.

Tauna Thomas reports.

Bennett, who was earlier nabbed by the team, told the police he could direct them to Wilson.

But Wilson narrowly escaped from the Police that day.

The witness says he had grabbed Wilson but lost his grip.

Efforts to grab him again failed.

The witness says Wilson pulled a gun from his waist, forcing him to discharge a round from his firearm in fear of his life.

The witness says Wilson took off running down a hill and fired two shots in his direction.

He says he then saw Wilson jumping into a bushy gully.

The witness says they chased him, but there was no sign of the reputed gang leader.

He says Wilson could not be seen or heard.

Bennett, who remained in the vehicle, was later taken into custody.

Several pictures of the scene were taken and spent shells collected.

A month later, on September 4, the witness says he was called to the Video Identification room at a Police station in St Catherine.

There, he identified Wilson, who’d been nabbed by other members of the force.

After a month in jail, the reputed leader allegedly led the Police to accused member Odeen Smith otherwise called ‘Brinks’.

According to the witness, Wilson pointed out Brinks on a construction site on November 3, 2017 in Crofts Hill, St. Catherine.

The witness says Wilson accompanied the Police on an operation in an unmarked service vehicle.

The witness says Brinks saw Wilson in the vehicle and came to the car.

However, when Wilson asked him about two automatic guns, he denied knowing about the firearms.

The witness says Brinks, who also initially denied knowing about a rifle, subsequently led them to a bushy area where he claims the gun was hidden.

But no weapon was found.

The Police witness says the team did not arrest Brinks that day, but some time later.

Meanwhile, the witness says neither he nor any of his other team members had made a deal with accused Stephenson Bennett if he cooperated with the Police.

In her cross examination, Bennett’s attorney Vanessa Taylor suggests the witness made a deal with her client but he denied this.

In the meantime…the Police witness says there’s audio recording of their operation with Wilson on November 3.

The recording, which also includes Brinks and the Policemen, wasn’t part of the Prosecution’s pool of evidence for this trial.

However they’ve now indicated they may rely on the audio.

The trial continues at 10:00 this morning.

In 2018, Tauna won the UNICEF Media Award for Excellence in Reporting on Children’s Rights. She graduated from CARIMAC in 2015 and joined NNN in 2016. Since then, she’s covered several high-profile court cases including the X6 murder trial, the police death squad trial and is currently covering the Uchence Wilson Gang trial. Thomas is the Producer of Talking History heard on Nationwide Radio every Saturday.

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