Unemployment Rate into Single Digits

Women are finding jobs almost 11-times faster than men as unemployment in Jamaica continues to fall.

For the first time in 11-years the country’s unemployment rate is under 10-percent.

In 2007, the unemployment rate was 9.7-percent. That’s according to the latest figures from the Statistical Institute of Jamaica, STATIN.

STATIN is reporting that the unemployment rate as at January this year was 9.6 percent.

That’s just over 3 percentage points down from 12.7 percent for the corresponding period last year.

STATIN says a decline in the number of persons in the labour force and a simultaneous increase in employment has positively impacted the unemployment rate.

It says just over 1.2 million persons were employed in January representing an increase of 22,600 or almost 2-percent.

However, of those finding jobs, there’s a massive gender gap.

For every one male finding employment, almost 11-females are also being employed in the growing job market.

According to STATIN, only 1,900 males found new jobs, in the period under review, as against 20,700 females.

This led to a larger decline in the female unemployment rate.

The unemployment rate for males decreased by only 1.5 percentage points. Down from 9-percent to 7.5 percent.

While the unemployment rate for females dipped from 17-percent to 12-percent.

STATIN says by occupation groups, more persons were employed as service workers, and shop and market sales workers which accounted for 70-percent of the increase in the employed labour force.

The unemployment rate for youth between the ages of 14 and 24 years was 23.8-percent in January.

This represents a decrease of 7.4-percentage points, when compared to the rate of 31.2-percent in January 2017.

The unemployment rate for male youth declined by 4.7-percentage points to 20.4-percent

The rate for female youth declined by 10.5-percentage points to just under 28-percent.


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