Union Provide Alternate Explanation for Boost in Local Ticket Sales at Dunn’s River


A management decision to accept Jamaican passports as a form of identification to enter Dunns River Falls and Parks may have resulted in the high ticket sales for locals.

That’s the claim of Vice President of the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union, BITU, Rudolph Thomas. The BITU is representing workers at the St Ann-based tourist attraction.

An uncomplimentary audit found that ticket sales for locals grew by 67-per cent yearly while that for tourists grew only by 7-per cent.

But, the audit also found that the attraction had no evidence to validate the accuracy of classification for locals.

[audio_mp3 url=”http://nationwideradiojm.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Rudolph-Thomas-accept-JA-passport-Jan-4-2018.mp3″]

He also says the opening of other areas of the park resulted in more local visitors to include school and church groups.

[audio_mp3 url=”http://nationwideradiojm.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/01/Rudolph-Thomas-open-park-Jan-4-2018-EDIT.mp3″]

Rudolph Thomas was speaking on Nationwide This Morning with Kalilah Reynolds and Patria-Kaye Aarons.


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