Unions Intervene to Halt Flow Redundancy Exercise

On November 1 an estimated 128 positions at FLOW were to be made redundant.

However, following the intervention of several local unions, the redundancy exercise was reportedly halted pending further consultations.

According to the President of the Bustamante Industrial Trade Union (BITU) Senator Kavan Gayle, the unions are to meet with FLOW shortly to continue negotiations.

It’s understood the telecoms company took the decision to reduce its workforce because the owners were positioning to sell their Caribbean assets.

Sources also indicate that many of the company’s Caribbean staff are being used to train Liberty Global staff in Latin America on Flow systems and procedures.

Our newscentre understands that Flow had intended to terminate more positions until the unions intervened. It’s understood almost half of those who were fired are from the Retail department.

Sources say staff in the retail department are usually the least paid. It’s also understood that the jobs are being pushed to Liberty Global markets in countries such as Colombia.

Senator Gayle says while he’s unable to confirm all the details they will be working closely with their partners in the region to verify what the company is doing.


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