UPDATE: Al Faisal Bail Application Delated

It’s still uncertain if controversial Jamaican-born Muslim Cleric, Sheikh Abdullah Al Faisal will be granted bail.

The matter has been scheduled to continue at 2 o clock this afternoon. There was over in submissions from both the defence and the prosecution.

The Presiding judge has asked for additional time to peruse the submissions made the Jeremy Taylor-led prosecution.

Mr Taylor is Senior Director of Public Prosecutions. The defence was represented today by Queen’s counsel KD Knight.

The prosecution had two main issues for its opposition to bail.

Mr Taylor says if Al Faisal should be granted bail it’s uncertain if they’re any conditions that could be imposed to prevent the accused from reoffending.

The prosecution also says he could still make contact with persons or use social media to re-offend.

According to the New York Daily News, Al Faisal was arrested after a sting operation over several months carried out by an undercover New York Police Department officer.

The officer reportedly communicated with Al Faisal by e-mail, text and video chat.

According to the Manhattan district attorney, Al Faisal offered to help the officer travel to the Middle East and join fighters with the Islamic State group, also known as ISIS.

Judge Broderick Smith says there’s the likelihood that the accused could use the same social media avenues by which he perpetrated the crime to re-offend.

Judge Smith says he couldn’t think of any bail conditions to wharf that.

However, the matter will continue at 2 pm when a determination will be made.