UPDATE: Clarendon Death Squad Trial Continues

The prosecution’s main witness in the first of the so-called Clarendon ‘death squad’ murder trials testified this afternoon that the bullet fired at him by one of the accused constables missed his heart by an inch.

He was making reference to Constable Collis Brown, otherwise called Chucky.

Brown and Constable Rohan Morrison are on trial in the Home Circuit Court in Kingston.

Both men are accused of murder and wounding with intent.

The main witness told the presiding Judge, Justice Jennifer Straw, that he’s not recovered fully from the gunshot wound he received in February, 2010.

He said the wound was inflicted by Constable Collis ‘Chucky’ Brown.

The witness removed his shirt during his testimony and showed the jury what appeared to be scars.

He told to the court that he was shot by Brown just above his left breast. He said the bullet from Brown’s high-powered weapon pierced his chest and exited via his back. He complained of feeling unwell during his testimony.

The witness insisted that Constable Brown had shot him and another man, Fabian Dinal, in cold blood.

Mr. Dinal died of his injuries.

The prosecutor asked the witness if he was carrying a gun on the day in question. He responded, ‘no ma’am’.

He said shortly after he was shot by Brown, he heard two more shots. He says he then saw Mr. Dinal collapse.

According to the witness, Mr. Dinal’s back was turned to him.

But he says he’s sure Dinal is the person whose body he saw collapse shortly after he heard the sound of gunfire.

The witness said he was familiar with Dinal and could identify him.

Prosecutors then showed him a photograph which he identified as Mr. Dinal’s image.

Earlier, the witness denied that he was aggressive towards Constable Brown before he and Mr. Dinal were shot.

Constables Brown and Morrison were both charged by INDECOM in 2010.

Brown is facing four counts of murder. He had been denied bail multiple times.

And the witness was cross examined this afternoon by attorney for Constable Brown, Norman Godfrey.

Mr. Godfrey pointed out to the witness that during his initial statement in 2010, he’d said that the gunshots which injured him appeared to have been fired from the back seat of a Probox motorcar.

Mr. Godfrey suggested to the witness that during his 2010 statement he had said that the shots were fired immediately after the car drove up near him.

He asked the witness to explain why he suggested in his 2010 statement that shots were fired immediately after the car drove up near him but during his testimony yesterday he mentioned that the car door was opened prior to the shots being fired.

The witness explained that there may be omissions in his statement because it was collected from him by the police while he was in hospital on drips and experiencing severe pain.

The witness refuted several suggestions by Mr. Godfrey that he was not speaking the truth.

Mr. Godfrey is to resume his cross examination tomorrow.