US Embassy Serves GOJ with ‘Hard Evidence’ Re Caricel


Nationwide News understands that the Jamaican government has been provided with what a senior government official is describing as ‘hard evidence’, questioning the fit-and-proper credentials of Caricel to own and operate a spectrum licence.

Caricel has subsequently been asked to respond to the alleged evidence provided to the Government of Jamaica by its international partners who’ve expressed concerns about the company.

And the dispute has reached the court in Jamaica, with Caricel seeking an injunction to stop any revocation of the licence it’s been granted.

We asked Mrs. Lawrence about that this afternoon.

She refused to comment on the matter, saying the parties have been ‘gagged’ by the courts.

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Contractor General, Dirk Harrison has criticised the Andrew Holness-administration over its decision to approve the award of the telecommunications license to Caricel.

This, despite his advice to the government to reconsider issuing it based on the findings of his investigations.

Earlier this month, Mr. Harrison told Nationwide News that he believes the government’s decision was not very ‘measured’.

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The US Embassy in Kingston had also publicly intervened in the matter via a tweet.

Prime Minister Holness has said the Jamaican government will continue to engage the United States Government through its Embassy in Kingston, via normal diplomatic channels, with a view to addressing any concern they may have about the grant of the licence.

He’s also asked his Science and Technology Minister, Dr. Andrew Wheatley, to issue a statement, outlining the sequence of events that led to the award of the licence.

That statement is still outstanding.


26 thoughts on “US Embassy Serves GOJ with ‘Hard Evidence’ Re Caricel

  1. Nathan777

    Present this hard evidence, and why was this evidence not presented at the table, before the decision to grant the license to Caricel officials was made?. Something is up, and all I know is that this company is being given a hell of a fight. If the OCG is correct, then I will salute him for keeping up his stance on what he believes is wrong. If he is wrong, then I expect him to apologize to the officials and Principals of Symbiote Investments Limited, trading as Caricel.

  2. Carlos Bryson

    What is the US’ over-riding interest in this matter? Not clear so far.
    Dont forget sanctions were just levied against Russia for interfering in US elections and for possibly undermining democracy.
    Could or should this action be viewed as undermining or interfering in commerce?

      1. JediRasta

        Will they listen though.Lol. They need to request aid, like you said in previous post, it doesn’t have to be just money. Vehicles, weapons, surveillance equipment, etc to fight crime.Grants to build houses, and high rise apartment to maximize land space, Grants to our colleges and school to expand and modernize. Every primary and high school should have a technology center teaching coding etc., and more skilled based courses like mechanics and carpentry ….that’s just to start …

    1. JediRasta

      With China’s access to the hemisphere’s spectrum LEGALLY, it could mean massive compromise of the USA entire digital and cyber infrastructure, on levels that would make the election hacking pale in comparison.

      1. Carlos Bryson

        Is/was China part of the deal in any way? In what capacity? Never thought about this possibility.

        1. JediRasta

          Lol. Just think of the company as a subsidiary of China, then you might see the picture clearer. Caricel is a ” Trojan Horse ” ..they appear as one thing but their real agenda is another thing. Remember that the spectrum is the highway for digital/cyber communication. It would be easy for China with even one satellite positioned in this hemisphere to commit significant espionage.

          1. Carlos Bryson

            “No embassy. No aviation. Affect processes and instituion.”
            Dat sound like embargo JediRasta. Act of war! It’s dat serious?
            So tell me, what was the supposed economic impact of this for Jamaica?
            And, What paths does Jamaica have to chart its own econonic development?
            What about ” free trade?”
            Have to get permission to develop ganja.
            Have to get permission to trade in telecommunications.
            No permission needed to lift the tax burden off the Jamaican people.
            No help with crime. No help stopping the flow of guns.
            No help with education, etc.
            Does the US have any economic relations with China?
            What value is soverignity?

          2. JediRasta

            Well, this is where meaningful governance comes in. If the people elected to rule is $$$ orientated then nothing changes, however if effective people in government they can achieve real progress. They have leverage right now, it’s up to the Jamaican gov’t to use that leverage. I scratch your back you scratch mine. They need to step up and “grow a pair”

  3. aleks_b

    I am yet to figure out what interest the US has in this! (Feel free to tell me). Aren’t these guys going to operate locally? And what evidence? What ‘hard’ evidence? I guess it is to hard to be exposed to the public. I am just a curious bystander here. I like the dedication from the OCG though, and would raise my hat the the CG if he is indeed right. Watching with much interest.

    1. JediRasta

      Jamaica’s close physical proximity to the US. Any astute IT person can tell you the potential China will have to spy. Cyber espionage is most effective when the spectrum can be accessed LEGALLY. Potential corruption of U.S. entire digital, cyber systems.

  4. Kevin Gayle

    Election money done an licence a get revoke. Will the government be sued? No big deal, election nuh done win.

  5. Concern Jamaican

    The US had known from the initial stage about the application for licence, why did they not intervene from then with the (HARD EVIDENCE), hope this is not geared towards US own agenda.

    1. JediRasta

      Of course it is geared to their own agenda. They are indeed a first world country, Jamaica , a 3rd world can be taken advantage of be cause of their poverty. China’s access to the hemisphere spectrum could and will open the door for massive cyber espionage and digital compromise , especially if they have full legal access to the spectrum.

      1. pete

        Not sure of the ‘spectrum’ in this contect…pls enlighten? And what of the other two companies in the same business….no threat?

        1. JediRasta

          Spectrum is basically the electromagnetic wavelengths in a geographical area. Its what makes it possible for receivers (radios, cellphones,satellite dish) to pick up and also to send signals from broadcast from a specific signal in a wavelength. Here in USA, govt own that and lease it out… Companies can sublease… Right now they fighting over who has the best connections over the nation, if they don’t have good service you get dead spots, that means no cell, or radio, or satellite signal ect.
          There is always a threat from any company that deals in telecommunications. It’s the level of invasion of your privacy both personal and public that cause concern. So if they trying to go beyond their stated objective then anything is possible.

  6. JediRasta

    Jamaica’s close proximity to US is the main reason for China’s interest. Cyber espionage would be more effective for China with a closer physical presence in the hemisphere. And it comes cheap at under 5billion ( this far). Jamaica needs to just kill the deal, to maintain U.S./Ja relations. The incoming POTUS regime is anti China, Jamaica needs to invest in the marijuana/ganja trade (before it too late, it’s taking off in the US) to recoup any expected loss from any additional telecom money.
    Please also let the public know where the monies already received went.

    1. pete

      Sorry for being a bit late on this topic but i assume the 5Billion thus far invested is for our feel good highway (am i correct?)….soon to be extended to 6miles and onto marcus garvey drive!

      I see the same CH working in Guyana (airport extension), Barbados too….seems like a foothold into the region is high on the agenda…..whatever for is becoming clearer!

      1. JediRasta

        Yes, they’re embedding themselves in the region, edging their bet, so some eggs might hatch some won’t. It will benefit our infrastructure to get the roads and wharves etc., but like for the airwaves and spectrum its a different matter. And I guarantee you the other islands will get the same US rebuff about the spectrum. The upto $5B was the amount Ja would get if the spectrum contract was approved. The roads are a seperate transaction,

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