US Hasn’t Received Return On Investment From Funding Prominent Anti-Corruption Activist – Ambassador Tapia


US Ambassador to Jamaica, Donald Tapia, says he doesn’t believe his country has got a return on investment in funding a certain prominent local anti-corruption activist.

Mr. Tapia was speaking at a Rotary Club of Kingston at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel recently.

Without naming the individual, the US Ambassador said the anti- corruption campaigner accused the Andrew Holness administration of being corrupt without providing substantive proof.

Mr. Tapia told the meeting of the Rotary Club members and the media that the current and past administrations cannot be painted with a brush of corruption.

He recalled a recent discussion with an individual he describes as a standard-bearer for searching out government and private sector corruption.

The Ambassador says the individual who received funding from the US, Canada and Britain, has not proved to be worth the investment.

Last year, former Education Minister, Ruel Reid, was arrested and charged for corruption related offences.

However, addressing the Rotary Club, Mr. Tapia says a few bad individuals should not undermine the entire institution of government.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tapia is categorically denying that the US has any evidence of corruption against any current government minister.

Mr. Tapia also addressed rumours suggesting that an extradition request was put out for government minister, Daryl Vaz.

The rumors started swirling after the revocation of Minister Vaz’s visa by the US government and that of PNP Vice President, Phillip Paulwell.

The US Embassy previously sent out a media release denying the rumours.

Mr. Tapia says the embassy does not normally get involved in internal politics but viewed the rumours as particularly egregious.

Donald Tapia, US Ambassador to Jamaica.

2 thoughts on “US Hasn’t Received Return On Investment From Funding Prominent Anti-Corruption Activist – Ambassador Tapia

  1. stanford riley

    I have no doubt although i don’t know of any particular case that both the JLP and the PNP in the past would have done what Prime Minister Holness did in South East Clarendon this week by allowing Mr Rudyard Spencer to resign which brought on a crisis and then called a by election.Based on the pledge made byPrime Minister Holness when he took office to stay far from corruption and to safe guard public funds,i am surprised and disappointed in Mrr Holness,s action this week. its disgraceful that just to get a younger man to take over South East Clarendon Constituency he influenced Mr Rudyard Spencer to resign by offering him a Deplomatic possession in Germany then created a political crisis in the constituency by not having t a member of parliament..It is ciear that Mr Holness put his political ambition to stay in power above that of the Jamaican people because.the $30 million dollars to run a by election could buy several well needed machines for the Kingston Public Hospital and save the lives of several very sick persons who die each month because every time they visit the hospital they are told that the machines are not working and they don’t have the $5o,000 or more to do the tests privately. I believe this is a case for the Political Ombudsman to investigate.


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