US to Limit Caribbean Fall Out from Venezuela Sanctions

The United States says it will try to limit any fall out on Jamaica and the Caribbean from its sanctions against Venezuela.

The assurance was given by US Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, this afternoon during a joint press conference with Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

This as the United States continues to pressure the regime of Venezuelan President, Nicholas Maduro.

The US Secretary of State says the United States is aware of the possible fallout its actions against the Maduro regime may have on oil-dependent Caribbean countries.

This should be heartening news for the Holness Administration which is now in the process of re-purchasing Venezuela’s 49-percent stake in the Petrojam Oil refinery.

The need to buy Venezuela’s stake became more urgent after a US Presidential Executive Order last year made it very difficult for Petrojam to buy oil on the international market.

However, Secretary Tillerson refused to say how his country would help the Region as it continues to pressure the Maduro Regime.

Venezuela, which has the largest oil reserves in the world, has been struggling after world oil prices began plummeting in late 2015.

President Maduro has been likened to a dictator by US media and accused of violating human rights.

Secretary Tillerson thanked Jamaica for its commitment to upholding human rights in the Bolivarian Republic.


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