UTech Unions Not Intimidated

President of the UTech Administrative Staff Association, Denise Haldane says a letter from Education Minister, Ronald Thwaites warning the staff groups against continued protest action, was simply an attempt by the school administration to muzzle the dissenting voices.

In a letter written in April this year, Minister Thwaites cautioned the unions about the consequences of continued bad publicity.

Three staff unions have staged a series of protests to agitate for improvements in their conditions.

Minister Thwaites wrote that the continued disruptions will reduce the likelihood of UTech being the institution of choice for potential students.

But Mrs. Haldane says the unions are not intimidated by Ronnie Thwaites’ letter.

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Mrs. Haldane says to date no one, including the acting UTech President, Burchell Whiteman has sought to have dialogue with the unions about the contentious issues.

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Denise Haldane, President of the UTech Administrative Staff Association.