UTech’s new power plant to save institution $JA25M anually

The University of Technology, UTech says its new 100-kilowatt solar power grid will result in savings of 2-hundred-and-24-thousand US dollars or approximately $JA25million  per annum, on fuel costs.

The project, which was developed in collaboration with the Jamaica Public Service Company, was officially commissioned into service yesterday.

UTech says the photovoltaic solar system, which is connected to the grid, has been mounted on select roofs and on the front lawn of its Papine campus.

The grid-project was completed within budget at a cost of 3-hundred-and-8-thousand US or 35 million Jamaican dollars.

The grid is expected to generate approximately 16-thousand kilowatt hours of energy per annum, representing an average usage of 93 households.

UTech says the project provides research opportunities on the performance of mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline panels installed under local conditions as well as the performance of inverters of different sizes at a commercial scale.

It says a database will be created on a number of parameters which can be shared with industry players and the wider public to support the local solar PV industry.