Vandals Target FLOW Cables in St James


Criminals have again vandalised Flow’s fibre network, this time in the Meadows of Irwin, a community in St. James.

Flow says the community has suffered from recent repeated acts of vandalism, including three in the past two weeks.

Flow Managing Director, Stephen Price, says the problem is costing them hundreds of millions of dollars. He’s calling on the government to increase the penalties.

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Mr. Price says despite the copper ban, they’re still challenged by vandalism to their fibre network including theft of batteries and generators. Mr. Price says the issue also affects their ability to provide service to many government ministries and important industries.

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He says the company has had to take special security measures, including moving aerial cables underground, encasing batteries and generators in special cages, and partnering with CrimeStop to provide rewards for information leading to an arrest or conviction.

He’s appealing to the public to report cases of vandalism to the police.