Vaz Blasts Gov’t for Awarding $152M Contract to ‘Skeng Don’

The Simpson Miller-led Cabinet is coming under fire from the Opposition for awarding a $152-million contract to a company owned by prominent businessman and PNP-activist, Kenneth ‘Skeng Don’ Black.

Ministry Paper number 37 tabled in the Senate on Friday says Black Brothers Incorporated Limited has been awarded the contract to build a perimeter fence at National Heroes Park in Central Kingston.

The Companies Office of Jamaica lists the company’s shareholders as Kenneth, Lennox, Winston, Robert and Wesley Black.

Kenneth Black is also a company Director.

The Ministry paper indicates that the contract to Black’s firm was approved by the Cabinet on September 28.

Addressing a JLP meeting in St. Elizabeth last night, West Portland MP, Daryl Vaz lashed out at the government for the contract award.

He says the Simpson Miller-administration is wicked.

Vaz issued this warning to the Simpson Miller-administration.

The Ministry paper says the contract for the building of the fence is intended to improve the appearance and secure National Heroes Park.

Vaz says he’s astonished that Mrs. Simpson Miller affixed her signature to the Ministry paper.

4 thoughts on “Vaz Blasts Gov’t for Awarding $152M Contract to ‘Skeng Don’

    1. Twesi Mugi

      1. Since when does fencing cost $153M?
      2. Do you think it’s smart for the government to be doing business of such magnitude with well known criminals? Think of what kind of business our tax payers dollars will be funding. Perhaps the gun that kills you in your sleep or to pay the man that will rape a child.
      Now re-think your statement and ask again if there’s anything possibly wrong with this contract and try to see through eyes that aren’t orange, if you can be so brave to step away from the herd.

      1. stncyrs

        You seem to be more of the herd than me. First of all, question number one is plain silly. There are fences that cost much more than that. It depends on the perimeter and also the materials used. Secondly I dont know the man, and if he is a criminal you should report him to the police. If he went to prison and is now out, he is free to bid for contracts as long as he does so within contractual guidelines. Did you have a problem with Dudus getting contracts?

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