Vaz Concerned ‘Gun Culture’ is Migrating into Portland

West Portland Member of Parliament, Daryl Vaz, is expressing shock and disbelief at a recent spate of brutal murders in his constituency.

In a statement yesterday, Mr. Vaz says he’s left feeling numb after another ‘heinous’ murder.

Portland has been largely disassociated with the spiraling murder rate in Jamaica.

But Mr. Vaz says he’s now concerned that it seems the gun culture in the rest of the island is seeping into Portland.

In the early hours of Sunday morning, 24-year-old Kimberly Baugh was gunned down following a party at a bar which her family operates in Lower Layton, Orange Bay in the parish.

According to Mr. Vaz, Ms. Baugh was 5 months pregnant. Five persons were shot, including Ms. Baugh’s mother.

Mr. Vaz says it appears Ms. Baugh was killed by her brother.

This incident follows the murder of a retired British couple in the farming community of Mount Pleasant, in the parish.

Mr. Vaz says he’ll meet with their family in the coming days.

He’s calling on the police High Command to focus more resources in the parish to help to prevent more murders of this nature.


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