Vaz Leading Crawford Among East Portland Women & Youth


Pollster Bill Johnson says the JLP’s Ann Marie Vaz is significantly ahead of the PNP’s Damion Crawford among women and youth.

Mr. Johnson was speaking on Nationwide This Morning following the latest Observer Nationwide Johnson poll, conducted last weekend. His comments come two days before the by-election in East Portland.

Mr. Johnson says it seems Damion Crawford’s comments about Ann-Marie Vaz haven’t gone down well with female voters in East Portland. He says the comments may have driven women to Mrs. Vaz’s side.

Johnson says Vaz is also leading among five of the six age groups, especially those under 35.

Additionally, the pollster says Vaz could be attracting many new voters, as she’s popular among people who didn’t vote in the last election.

The finding is boosted by Vaz’s favourability ratings among the undecided. Her favourability rating among that group is twice as high as Crawford’s, while her unfavourability score is less than half that of her opponent. Overall, the Johnson poll shows a 10-percentage lead for Vaz.


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