Venezuela Steps Up Aggression Toward Guyana Since Oil Discovery, says Jagdeo

Venezuela has become more aggressive towards Guyana since the Caribbean nation discovered oil close to its borders.

That’s according to Leader of the Opposition’s People Progressive Party in Guyana, Bharrat Jagdeo

The offshore oil discovery, has ignited a century old territorial dispute between Guyana and Venezuela.

And it’s expected to test the relationship other Caribbean countries, including Jamaica, share with both nations.

Mr Jagdeo says all the nations in the region and elsewhere are lining up behind Guyana on the controversial matter.

He says Venezuela has been more active in asserting dominance over territories which both nations are at odds about.

Bharrat Jagdeo admits that Guyana’s military is no match for that of Venezuela. But he says his country is not looking to challenge Venezuela on the battle field, but instead in the international courts.


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