Warmington Challenges Auditor General Over Veracity Of Report On Farm Road Rehabilitation


South West St. Catherine MP, Everald Warmington, today challenged the veracity of Auditor General, Pamela Munroe Ellis’ report on the rehabilitation of farm roads.

The report noted several deficiencies in how the programme was managed by the Rural Agricultural Development Authority, RADA.

This called into question whether the government got value for money.

However, Mr. Warmington challenged the report.

He argued that some of the responses from RADA to the Auditor General were ignored.

Mr. Warmington questioned RADA’s CEO, Peter Thompson, as to whether he responded to the Auditor General’s draft.

Mr. Thompson said yes.

He noted that some of his responses were not included in the final report.

The South West St. Catherine MP, then questioned the Auditor General. 

Mr. Warmington says this is not the first occurrence. He then questioned the basis on which the Auditor General is presenting the report.

However, Central Manchester MP, Peter Bunting, noted that the report itself stated that the Auditor General only included responses she deemed relevant.

He chastised Mr. Warmington for unfairly badgering public servants.

Meanwhile, Auditor General, Pamela Munroe-Ellis questioned some of the responses provided by RADA to the PAC.

Despite RADA’s management providing explanations as to the deficiencies, Mrs. Munroe Ellis noted that they provided no evidence of such in their responses to her inquiries.

In her report. Mrs. Munroe Ellis noted that RADA could not readily distinguish between farm roads and the parochial roads managed by municipal corporations. 

She says it was expected that RADA would have established criteria to distinguish the two to prevent overlap. 

However, RADA CEO, Peter Thompson told the PAC this is not the case.

At least two MP’s Juliet Cuthbert-Flynn and Everald Warmington, acknowledged being familiar with the system.

However, Mrs. Munroe Ellis says no such evidence was provided to her.

This was not the only statement by RADA which was challenged by Mrs. Munroe-Ellis.

In her report she noted that RADA’s process of selecting contractors was not always transparent or competitive.

Mrs. Munroe Ellis further dismissed RADA’s explanation provided to the PAC.

She says despite four written responses from RADA much of the information provided to the PAC was at no point communicated to her.

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