Warmington: Chang is Incompetent

Chairman of the JLP’s Area Council 2, Everald Warmington today accused the party’s General Secretary, Dr. Horace Chang of incompetence over his treatment of an internal poll which showed Mr. Mair trailing Mrs. Hay-Webster in popularity in the North East St. Catherine constituency.

The poll was reportedly conducted in November last year.

The results were forwarded by Mr. Warmington today to several members of the JLP.

A copy of the e-mail has been obtained by Nationwide News.

The internal poll results which were attached to Mr. Warmington’s e-mail show that some constituents of North East St. Catherine were asked whether they’d be in support of Mrs. Hay-Webster replacing Mr. Mair as the JLP’s candidate for the next general election.

The results show 59-percent of the respondents saying they’d be in favour of Mrs Hay-Webster replacing Mr Mair, while 41-percent said no.

The poll results also show Mr. Mair trailing Mrs. Hay-Webster when the question — “which person do you believe is able to make a positive difference in the constituency?” — was posed.

The internal poll, forwarded by Mr Warmington, also shows that Mr. Mair is badly trailing the PNP’s candidate Phyllis Mitchell when respondents were asked who they’d vote for if a general election is called now.

According to the internal poll, 66-percent said they’d vote for the PNP candidate while only 34-percent said they’d support Mr. Mair.

When Mrs Mitchell was matched against Mrs Hay Webster in a similar question – 55-percent said they’d vote for Mrs. Mitchell while 45 percent said they’d vote for Mrs. Hay-Webster.

Mr. Warmington took Dr. Chang to task today for not forwarding the results of the internal poll to the JLP’s Operation’s Council.

He accused the JLP General Secretary of dereliction of duty, ineptitude and incompetence.

Contacted this afternoon, Mr. Mair said he’d not comment on the issue.

Dr. Chang did not respond to calls placed to his mobile phone this afternoon.

This morning, he said for personal reasons, he’s discouraged Mrs. Hay-Webster from trying to challenge Mr. Mair.

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