WARmington under Fire for ‘Jezebel’ Remark

The MP for South West St. Catherine, Everald Warmington came under fire from Government MPs in parliament yesterday after he called Youth and Culture Minister, Lisa Hanna a Jezebel.

Jezebel is a biblical character known for immoral behavior and deceit

Tempers flared in Gordon House shortly after former Labour Minister Pearnel Charles asked Minster Ferguson to explain what he meant when he said it gave him great pleasure to announce the minimum wage increase.

Minister Ferguson attempted to defend himself.

Mr. Warmington insisted that Dr. Ferguson was misleading parliament. He was jeered by Minister Hanna.

Warmington responded by calling Hanna, Jezebel.

The controversial Opposition MP came under fire from Government MPs and was instructed by the sitting House Speaker, Lloyd B Smith, to withdraw his comment.

Heated exchanges continued as Mr. Smith struggled to establish order.

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One thought on “WARmington under Fire for ‘Jezebel’ Remark

  1. chikV2Ebola

    Joan Gordon-Webley also called the PM Jezebel and she is now a member of the PNP.People in Ms.Hanna constituency and some of her colleagues called her worst than that !

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