Water Expert Challenges Claim Bauxite Mining Hurts Water Resources

There’s no evidence that bauxite mining negatively affects water resources in Jamaica.

That’s the word this morning from a Water Expert, Basil Fernandez, who says he’d like to see evidence to the contrary.

Mr. Fernandez , who’s a former Managing Director of the Water Resources Authority, is adamant that bauxite mining on its own, poses no threat to the Cockpit country.

He says players in the bauxite industry have been making effort to reduce incidents of water contamination.

However, he says there are still areas of the Cockpit country where bauxite mining should not be allowed.

According to Mr. Fernadez bauxite companies are not seeking to mine in what he calls the ‘core areas’. His comment comes as there’s an online petition to save the Cockpit Country.

The petition urges the Prime Minister to establish the boundary of the Cockpit Country as well as to close it to mining, quarrying and prospecting.