Water Levels ‘Critically Low’ At KSA Catchment Facilities in the – NWC


Corporate Communications Manager at the NWC, Charles Buchanan, is describing the water levels at the two main catchment facilities serving Kingston and St Andrew as critically low.

He says the drought in sections of the island has resulted in the storage levels of almost 90 of their 450 water supply systems being very low.

Mr Buchanan also says at least 5 of those systems have completely dried up while a few others have less than 10% of the normal water levels.

He also listed the various ways one could be found in breach of the law by wasting water supplied by the NWC during this critical period.

Neika Lewis is an award-winning journalist with over 7 years of experience across radio, tv and the print media. A CARIMAC alum, Neika copped the Prime Minister’s Youth award for journalism in 2017. Her reporting on a Jamaican pilot incarcerated in Qatar in 2015 led to his release. Neika hunts for human interest stories.

One thought on “Water Levels ‘Critically Low’ At KSA Catchment Facilities in the – NWC

  1. Du

    I hate to read or listened to these brain dean Officials or politicians that still cannot get it right after 57 years, when these Dams were build it was designed to serve a couple thousands people now it’s been more than 57 years and we still have the same amount of capacity of water to serve a larger population?, where is the vision of these so call leaders what are are doing with poor people money. It’s a sad situation that a ” country that is described as surrounded by wood and water is surrounded by “BRAIN DEAD POLITICIANS & OFFICIALS” time to booth them all out of office.


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