Water Restrictions Crippling Some Communities


Two Councillors in the Kingston and St. Andrew Corporation, KSAC, whose divisions have been severely impacted by water restrictions, say residents are now on edge.

Yesterday the National Water Commission announced even tougher restrictions that will result in some communities receiving water every three days.

The communities affected are August Town, Hope Flats, Papine, Gordon Town, Mona Heights, Mona Road, Beverly Hills, Hope Pastures, Kintyre, Vineyard Town and sections of Mountain View.

Councillor for the Papine Division, Venesha Phillips, says inconsistent water supply is a problem for many of her constituents,even at the best of times.

She says a bad situation has been made worse by the NWC’s new distribution plan.

The Papine Division covers August Town, Hope Flats, Hope Pastures. African Gardens and sections of Gordon Town.

Councillor Phillips says the problem is further compounded by the infrequency with which the NWC trucks water to the affected communities.

Meanwhile Councillor for the Kintyre Division, Artnell McDonald, says some residents have not received water in their taps for the past three weeks.

Councillor McDonald says despite several calls to the NWC, the water trucks never come.