Weekend Wildfires Ravage Clarendon Communities

Firefighters in Clarendon were called to almost a dozen wildfires that forced scores of residents out of their communities on Saturday.

Acting District Officer at the May Pen Fire Station, Robert Taylor, says while this number is no surprise to him given the heat, he says it’s rare for this much fire on one shift.

Mr Taylor says in one instance, the team was called twice to the same blaze.

He had a word of caution for residents who may not be able to resist the urge of burning debris this summer.

The cost of the damage resulting from Saturday’s blaze is not yet known.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Cane Farmers Association, Alan Rickards says the Farmers at Ebony Park, Clarendon who lost over 12 acres of sugar cane in Saturday’s blaze will be given special consideration.

He was unable to give an exact figure as to the losses incurred by the cane farmers, but says it would be a major cut in their earnings.

Mr Rickards told Nationwide News yesterday, that the Association is concerned about increasing loss of sugarcane in the parish due to fires.


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