Westmoreland Bloodbath! Six Killed in 24hrs

Bloodletting over the last 24-hours in Westmoreland has left 6 people dead in several shooting incidents.

Another seven people are also nursing gunshot wounds. Three of the four incidents happened in Sterling District in the parish.

In the latest incident last evening at about 8:50, a man and his son were killed by marauding gunmen.

Half an hour earlier, a woman and her son were gunned down. The other shooting in Sterling happened yesterday morning at about 8:25.

Gunmen killed one man and wounded three others.

In the other fatal shooting early last evening, an unidentified man was shot and killed in Top Lincoln District. The incident, which happened at about 6:15, also left four others wounded.

Head of Westmoreland Police, Superintendent Gary McKenzie has been mobilising his team to intensify their presence in the areas where the shootings occurred.

Investigations are also underway.

Nationwide News spoke with SP McKenzie a shorty while ago for an update.


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