Westmoreland Hemp Famers Want Exclusion from Country’s Ganja Laws

The Westmoreland Hemp and Ganja Farmers Association, WHGFA, says it has sent a petition to Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller, requesting that the parish of Westmoreland be exempt from the country’s ganja laws.

The petition has reportedly been signed by several ganja activists including politicians Paul Burke and Delano Seiveright.

In a statement today the WHGFA says it wants the exemption to be in the form of an authoritative ‘non-enforcement declaration’ from Cabinet that will allow it to grow and trade ganja within the parish, free from prosecution.

The WHGFA says Westmoreland has kept alive the cultivation of ganja, despite the harsh enforcement of unjust laws against it.

As a result it says the parish is claiming the honour of leading Jamaica to an open and legal ganja economy and in the process set an example for other parishes to follow.

The WHGFA says in order to achieve its objective, its proposing to host a multi-faceted event in Negril, in May, 2015.

It says the event will include an academic conference on legalization strategies within Jamaica and amendment of the international drug conventions to exempt ganja from the schedule of dangerous drugs.

It says the event will also host workshops relating to the cultivation and marketing of Westmoreland herbs.