WI & Pakistan yet to Hammer out Details of Tour

Details are yet to be finalized between Cricket West Indies and the Pakistan Cricket Board regarding the proposed tour of the Asian country, next month.

The two teams are scheduled to face off in a T20 series in Lahore at the end of next month, which could mark the first time a major cricketing nation has toured the country since a 2009 attack on the Sri Lanka cricket team by armed militants.

However, it’s understood that there are several issues to be ironed out with a little over a month to go.

One major sticking point in the negotiations so far involves the issue of reciprocity.

As part of the deal, the CWI has requested that Pakistan tour the West Indies next year.

However, a packed schedule could see the team not available to do so until 2019, a date which CWI considers to be too late.

The issue of financial compensation is one of those being discussed, but a part of the deal would see the CWI also compensate Pakistan for the future tour date.