Widespread Flooding and Landslides Across the Island

Persons living in parts of St. Ann have been evacuated from their homes following reports of widespread flooding and landslides in the parish.

The Disaster Coordinator of St Ann, Alvin Clarke, says the communities of Middlesex, Douglas Castle and Cave Valley are the major concerns in the parish.

Mr. Clarke says these areas are being greatly affected by rivers which flow into the parish from Clarendon.

Mr. Clarke says there are also reports of small and large landslides across the parish.

Councilor for the St. Margaret’s Bay Division of the Portland Municipal Corporation, Stephen Williams, says the entire parish got a battering from the consistent rainfall since yesterday.

Mr. Williams says heavy rains in Grants Gate resulted in a landslide that destroyed a house and flooded several others.

He says the area is also without electricity and could stay that way for another 36-hours.

Councillor Williams says teams from the National Works Agency are conducting assessments of the area but it’s too soon to begin clearing the debris.

In the meantime, he says several other areas of the parish have been impacted by the heavy rainfall.

Stephen Williams says the NWA has worked to clear some of those areas.

Several areas of Manchester have been impacted by the heavy rains since last evening.

Disaster Coordinator for the parish, La-Jean Powell-Richards, says it’s been raining consistently since yesterday, but it’s eased since this afternoon.

Mrs. Powell Richards says the most significantly affected areas are Scots Pass and St. Toolies in Porus.

She says Alligator Pond– which is a flood prone area– is also likely to be flooded if the rain persists.