With 8 MPs Yet To Declare, PNP Parliamentary Caucus Is Split 10/9 On Leadership Challenge


The parliamentary caucus of the PNP are almost evenly split in their support of Dr. Peter Phillips and Peter Bunting in the leadership race set for September 7 this year.

10 of the 29 Opposition MPs have publicly endorsed Dr. Phillips to retain the Presidency.

Nine have indicated their support for Mr. Bunting.

The ten MPs who’ve publicly supported Dr. Phillips are:

Lisa Hanna, Dr. Morais Guy, Phillip Paulwell, Horace Dalley, Dwayne Vaz, Anthony Hylton, Natalie Neita, Denise Daley, Mikhail Phillips and Dr. Wykeham McNeil.

The nine MPs who’ve declared support for Mr. Bunting are – Robert Pickersgill, Ian Hayles, Mark Golding, Rev. Ronald Thwaites, Colin Fagan, Luther Buchanan, Dr. Dayton Campbell, Michael Stewart and Derrick Kellier.

8 of the Opposition MPs have not yet publicly declared who they’re supporting.

Those eight are – Dr. Angela Brown Burke, Dr. Fenton Ferguson, Noel Arscott, Victor Wright, Evon Redman, Richard Azan, Fitz Jackson and Julian Robinson.

Jackson, who’s the PNP Chairman and Robinson, the general secretary, are not expected to publicly support either of the two candidates.

Who former Vice Presidents – Arscott, Ferguson and Brown Burke decide to endorse is being closely watched in PNP circles.

Bunting Not Concerned

Meanwhile, Mr. Bunting says he’s not concerned about the level of support emerging from Opposition MPs for his decision to challenge Dr. Phillips.

Mr. Bunting says his challenge has energized the PNP by levels not seen in the last three years.

The Central Manchester MP is reiterating that his decision to vie for the PNP Presidency is the right one.

Peter Bunting, Central Manchester MP and PNP Presidential aspirant, speaking with the media on the weekend during a tour of Clarendon.
Phillips’ Surrogate Welcomes Support

In the meantime, a supporter of Dr. Phillips, Venesha Phillips, says she’s not entirely confident that some MPs will be particularly influential in ensuring that delegates in their constituencies support the candidate they’re backing.

However, she says she’s heartened by the support for Dr. Phillips among Opposition MPs.

Miss Phillips is Councillor for the Papine Division and PNP caretaker candidate for East St. Andrew.

Councillor Phillips says it’s also encouraging that so far most of the prominent women in the PNP have decided to support Dr. Phillips.

Venesha Phillips, a Member of the Campaign Team for Dr. Peter Phillips.

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